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Maller Baroque Brass Instruments is dedicated to making authentic brass instruments. 

Founder David L. Maller, a protege of the late, legendary instrument maker Ronald K. Collier, carefully hand-crafts each instrument using traditional techniques. This craftsmanship creates instruments that are easier to play and also produce a genuine, historically-correct sound in comparison to their contemporary machine-produced baroque counterparts.

Maller Baroque Brass Instruments currently offers a natural trumpet designed by David Maller with the 

17th century style bell flair--a copy of the trumpet by Johann Leonhard Ehe II (1720), and a full line of sackbuts. 

The Maller line offers instruments from several periods. In addition to historic, hand-made reproductions, David offers  traditional cornets as well as modern  & keyed trumpets, trombones and flugelhorns. 

The Maller line takes advantage of combining old-world handcrafting methods with the most precise machine manufacturing techniques available today.

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