Maller 18th Century “Ehe” Baroque Natural Trumpet

This is an original design by Johann Leonhard Ehe II (1720) based on typical early 18th-century trumpets in design, sound, and engraving. This particular model has a brighter sound than its 17th-century counterparts.

Design & Construction

The Maller 18th-century “Ehe” baroque natural trumpet is a unique design based on the design of the 18th-century natural trumpet found in museums around the world.

It is made entirely from tubing which is hand rolled from brass sheet. As was typical of the early brasses, the wall thickness varies from .60 mm in the body of the instrument to .28 mm at the bell rim. The bore diameter is 10.7 mm with a bell opening of 10.66 cm. As in the original, the sections are hand fitted without solder. The use of original methods of construction produces and instrument with virtually the same sound and response as the 17th century trumpets.

All engraving and ornamentation is also characteristic of the time period. The trumpet is available either in D (low pitch D, the pitch of the original) or modern D. A set of four tuning bits, the historical tuning method, is supplied.


The timbre and response of any brass instrument is determined by the mouthpiece as well as the instrument itself. For this reason, we include with 17th-century natural trumpet a copy of a historically accurate mouthpiece. It has a flat rim and hemispherical cup with a sharp drop into a wide throat.


A high quality soft case specially designed for your instrument is included for free.