Maller Brass Alto Sackbut

This sackbut is based on the original Ronald K. Collier design.

Design & Construction

The Maller Brass alto sackbut is of Renaissance design and is made in either Eb or F. The wall thickness is .35mm, thinning to .28mm at the bell. The bore diameter is 9.9mm with a bell opening of 9.8cm.

It has a flat, hinged bell brace and telescopic, tubular slide brace. The inner slide has stockings. The instrument is not lacquered and has no water key. The tuning mechanism is at the connection of the bell and slide sections. The bell garland, braces and ferules are extensively ornamented and engraved in typical Renaissance style.


The timbre and response of any brass instrument is determined by the mouthpiece as well as the instrument itself. For this reason, we include with the Maller Brass Alto Sackbut a copy of a historically accurate mouthpiece. It has a flat rim and hemispherical cup with a sharp drop into a wide throat.


A high quality soft case specially designed for your instrument is included for free.


The instrument can be provided with a set of tuning bits (the historical tuning method) instead of the tuning slide usually furnished. A half-step crook is also available for playing at Baroque pitch (A=415), as well as an Eb crook for the F instrument. All crooks and tuning bits insert at the mouthpiece.

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