Maller Brass American Civil War Bugle

This bugle is hand-made with the same methods used on our 17th and 18th-century instruments.

Design & Construction

The Maller Brass Civil War bugle is an historically-accurate original design based on military bugles used by Union and Confederate soldiers between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865 (the official years of the American Civil War).

This Civil War bugle is hand-made using the same techniques as our 17th and 18th-century natural trumpets.


The mouthpiece for the Civil War bugle is based on an original design from the Civil War time period.


A high quality case designed for your instrument is included for free.

Design Options

Your bugle can be ordered with special additions and designs. To request unique options such as engravings, etc., please contact us here.

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