Maller Brass F/G Piccolo Trumpet

This trumpet is hand-made with the same methods used on our historical instruments.

Design & Construction

The Maller Brass F/G piccolo trumpet has a large bright sound that is excellent for orchestral and solo performances.

David has personally used the piccolo trumpet in many different types of ensembles and settings including orchestras, chamber ensembles, solo performances, etc.

Available in any finish including raw brass, silver, gold plating, lacquer, etc.


The timbre and response of any brass instrument is determined by the mouthpiece as well as the instrument itself.

All modern mouthpieces can be adapted to have flat or rounded rims, and are designed to easily play the full range of the instrument.


A high quality case designed for your instrument is included for free.

Design Options

Your piccolo trumpet can be ordered with special additions and designs. To request unique options such as engravings, etc., please contact us here.

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