Maller Brass Klappentrompete

This klappentrompete (keyed trumpet) is hand-made with the same methods used on our 17th and 18th-century instruments.

Design & Construction

The Maller Brass Klappentrompete is based on the style of Anton Weidinger’s keyed trumpet.

The keyed trumpet is a brass instrument that makes use of keyed openings in its bore rather than extensions of the length of the bore as the means of playing all the notes of the chromatic scale. The keyed trumpet has holes in the wall of the tube that are closed by keys. Before this, the trumpet was commonly valveless and could only play a limited range of “harmonic” notes by altering lip pressure. These harmonic notes were clustered in the high registers, so previous trumpet concertos could only play melodies at very high pitches.


The mouthpiece for the klappentrompete is a standard trumpet mouthpiece, and can be ordered with a rounded or flat rim.


A high quality case designed for your instrument is included for free.

Design Options

Your klappentrompete can be ordered with special additions and designs. To request unique options such as engravings, etc., please contact us here.

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